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Photo Electoral Rolls

The exercise of preparation of photo electoral rolls in all the 234 Assembly Constituencies was initiated in July 2006 soon after the elections to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, 2006 so as to enable publication of photo-rolls so prepared as the draft rolls for the summary revision process with 1st of January 2007 as the qualifying date. In view of the bye-election to Madurai Central Assembly Constituency, the preparation of photo electoral rolls was taken up in that Constituency on a fast track mode and the final photo rolls were published on 5th September, 2006.

As the tenders for the 4th phase of (online) EPICs production (taken up during November 2005 – April 2006) included the photo electoral rolls component as the second phase, the same ten (10) vendors took up the photo rolls component also for the 14 regions into which the State was divided for this purpose (totally 30 districts then).

Methodology for preparation of photo rolls

Retrieval of images

The images captured during the EPIC programme in the four phases were available in JPEG file format in CDs with the DEOs. During every phase of the EPIC programme, laminated miniature sheets were generated by the vendors. These miniature sheets were available in Taluk/ DEOs offices.

The images were retrieved from the CDs. Where images were not available in CDs, the images were scanned from the miniature sheets if they were available in the miniatures. Separate software was designed to give a list of electors with EPIC numbers, but whose images were missing. Using the list, and by comparing with the miniature sheet index, the vendors scanned the missing images. However, this was not very useful in many places as the quality of scanned image was found to be poor.

Updating electoral rolls database

The updation of electoral rolls database with EPIC numbers was done before taking up the preparation of photo-rolls.

Photo Rolls Check Lists

Photo electoral rolls were printed initially (Check List I) by linking available images in CDs/ scanned images from the existing miniature sheets with the electoral rolls data base. During house-to-house verification, passport size colour photographs were obtained from electors and scanned. Based on the initial verification with Check List-I and data entry, Check List-II was printed. Additional images/ missing images were captured mainly by
(i) collecting and scanning passport size photographs,
(ii) digital image capture in house to house visit by staff accompanying the digital photographer of the vendor along with Check List –II verification and / or
(iii) digital image capture at DPLs (in a few places).

During off-election period, there was not much of enthusiasm among the electors for coming to DPLs and, therefore, the DEOs generally did not adopt method (iii) above.

Based on the images captured, Check List-III was printed for correction cases and mop-up round of image capture done. Finally, the rolls were published as draft photo electoral rolls for the process of summary revision of electoral rolls 2007 for all the ACs in May/ June, 2007.

Current Status (end of January, 2009) :
The images as a proportion of the live electors by end of January, 2009 was 99.26% in the electoral rolls realigned after delimitation of Constituencies. The coverage of electors with images was more than 98% in all the Districts except in Chennai (94.98%) and Kancheepuram (97.29%).

EPIC pendency and EPIC Centres :
The % of electors for whom images had to be captured or EPICs to be printed/ distributed (after capture of images) by end of January 2009 was 4.29% (i.e., 17.70 lakh electors).

EPIC centres have been set up, one for each Assembly Constituency, with EPIC operators for capture of images, printing of EPICs, etc. All these centres have equipments such as Computer, Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera etc. Operators have also been deployed by the State Level Agency viz., M/s. CMC Ltd. These centres will take up inter-alia printing of EPICs for all cases of inclusion of new electors in the electoral rolls, residual electors and handle cases of corrections in EPICs and issue of duplicate/replacement EPICs. Also, during off-revision period, the centres will handle data-entry for Forms received for inclusion, deletion, modification & transposition in the electoral rolls.

M/s. ELCOT, a State Government undertaking, has provided connectivity from the Point of Presence (PoP) of TNSWAN (Tamil Nadu State Wide Area Network) in the offices where EPIC centre is located in each Assembly Constituency except in a few places where Taluk has been formed recently or a new building is under construction or where connectivity could not be provided in the Taluk Office building (and is being provided from a nearby office).

The capture of images (for EPIC) till mid-2006 was through the campaign mode by setting up of Designated Photography Centres (DPLs) to operate during the days earmarked for coverage in the area served by the DPL. After the elections to the TN Legislative Assembly in 2006, the DPLs, wherever set up, did not attract people and, therefore, the mode adopted was either to obtain passport size photo and scan it or to capture the image using a digital camera by taking it from house-to-house.

With the decision to take up the preparation of photo-rolls (i.e., incorporation of images in the e. roll itself), there was a metamorphosis in that EPIC could be generated and printed at any time from the image captured (which was first used to incorporate it in the e. roll to produce the photo e. roll.). The simpler method was to obtain, as far as possible, (passport size) photos for all new entrants to the e. rolls along with the Form filed for inclusion for which purpose a box was provided at the top of the Form to enable the applicant to affix his photo. The Election Commission prescribed Forms 001A and 001B on the basis of which EPIC could be generated with the details in these Forms and photo furnished by the applicants with them. Form 001A has to be filed for inclusion or transposion (with Form 6/8A) and Form 001B is a pre-generated Form for all residual electors (i.e., those who are registered in the e. roll but whose image is not available).

Also with a fairly high capture of images for the electors on the e. rolls, it was not necessary to take up special campaigns through vendors and instead handle the new cases and the residual electors as indicated above or using the EPIC Operators. The EPIC Centres would also handle cases of duplicate/ replacement EPICs


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  1. I already applied for voter id in January 2017. But I don’t know whether my name is coming in voter list or not. I am from Kallidai Kurichi. My Taluka is Ammbasamudaram 225 pakam number 131. I want my name in list.

  2. How can I know my voter ID card status? Please help me.



  4. In which district and constituency does residents of Pattabiram register?

  5. How can I enter captcha code? When I enter what it appears it shows invalid captcha code. Why its happens?

  6. I enrolled my son for voting on 24 10 2015 but so far he didn’t received any voter I’d. So I kindly request to issue my son voter id.

  7. I want to know status of my election Id DLG1737857 issued in year 2006.

  8. How can I register new voter ID card?


  10. Voter ID no : XCX1880871
    Name : Usha Thomas
    I would like to know the booth address.

  11. ULS0652693
    But I will register as disability for wrong registration.

  12. I want to verify whether my name is in voters list 2016. What to do?

  13. EPIC NO : XKR1470814.

  14. My daughter has lost her voter i d. I have been trying to retrieve the no by name search for the past two hours online. But I could not get details. May be the site has crashed. Even yesterday I was able to open the site. I don’t know what happened.

  15. Voter id no : RTW0974519
    Father’s name : Kaliyappan
    Sex : Male
    Date of birth : 15.04.1980
    How to see my name in electoral roll?



  17. Thirunavukkarasu

    I have voter id.

  18. My Part no: 236
    Serial no : ZWP1259886
    AC No : 197
    Can you check my name is present in Voters list?

  19. We cannot find 2 of our family member names on the list.
    1. EPIC # bdz7628019
    2. EPIC # bdz8390551

  20. PART NO. & SERIAL NO OF GBT1718550

    1. ID Card No : GBT1718550
      AC NO & Name: 193-Madurai Central
      Elector Name: Gaslikvijayanda
      Relation Name: Aarokiaraj
      Gender: Female
      Address: 32-1 – Madurai (C),Technicalschool 6Th West Visuvasapuri 4 Ward 15,
      Polling Station: St.britto , mela ponnagaram,room no12b-625016
      Part No: 105
      Serial No: 992

  21. My correct voter id is GDR 3620655. I have another one with wrong details. In spite of my repeated requests they have cancelled the right one. How to correct it?

  22. P.Bharathi priyan

    EI16320048 give vote id status




    My ID Card no: UXV2641553
    Till now I have not received my voter I’d card
    District: TIRUVALUR
    Part no:222,
    SERIAL NO.1245,
    Reply me where I have to approach for my voter I’d card?

  25. How to see my name in Electoral roll?

  26. PART NO.& SERIAL NO.OF SXI0162099

    1. Part No: 14
      Serial No: 349

  27. My epic is given. Two times I applied for residence number wrongly printed but not rectified the correct door number. Please reply.


  29. I am unable to search my name in the voter list. Has it been updated and published?

    1. What is your EPIC number?

  30. I have applied for voter ID No.014693a571e0fb87c. But I am unable to view in electoral rolls in PDF format. How to view my voter ID card?


    I have requested for correction.
    APP No : EM16323163
    Then form 001 submitted by me.
    EPIC No : FNQ2504603.

  32. My name wrongly typed Thevaraj instead of DEVARAJ.
    I.d no0087239. Please enter correctly.

  33. kamaraj rangaswamy

    I have been trying to view the electrol rolls in various website. But not able to view it. It is only a dummy website even the election commission, District collecctorate, Tamil nadu govt. It should not be a exhibition website and it should be made a working and active website. Waste of time and waste of money. Poor maintenance.

  34. I applied for change of address from Kolathur to Maduravoyal constituency on February 2016. But I have not yet received new voter id till now.
    My old voter id no. is JCH 3319332. Please issue me.

  35. Mariym Asiya Bevi

    I applied on February 2016 for change of address from Vannier ST ch24 to Ramanujam sr ch94 but still I have not received id card.
    Old id card no : TN/03/009/0222422

  36. I have applied for corrections and it is rectified. But till today I have not got corrected VOTER ID CARD. HOW I WILL GET?
    Application id : ET16030517

  37. I have applied for change of address in October 2014, am yet to receive the Voters id from you.

  38. Hoe to find my I’d card status?

    1. You need your application number to check the status?

  39. I have applied for correction. But I cant able to get the my name in voter list now.

  40. I am not able to find out the proper web site to find out name. Please ensure which site is proper one for Tamilnadu electoral list.

  41. My epic number is 2015/01/130/194/56995. Where is my name in electoral roll?

    1. Is this your correct EPIC number?

  42. How to apply voter id card?

    1. Use form 6 online application for applying of voter id.

  43. We couldn’t get voter id information exactly.
    I am at age 18. My new voter id info is not found.

  44. There is no link to check the status of the request(Change in voter details request). Can you please post the new link for the same?

    1. In the updated website I could not find any facility to find the status of your application.

  45. I would like to have Voters list of Tamilnadu 2016 Elections, with minority voters in percentage.

  46. My vid-no=TN/14/075/0330026 in Thally constituency.
    Where I need to cast the vote?

  47. My Epic no: YQG1104801
    Till now I have not received my voter I’d card
    District: kanchepuram
    Taluk: chengalpattu- 32
    Part no:104
    Reply me where I have to approach for my voter I’d card?

    1. Me too Chengalpat. Even now I didn’t get.

  48. I have given change of address by duly filling form 8A in Mar 2015 to Tahsilar office, Tambaram. However, when I went to check the status in Oct 15, the staff told me to find out from the website After trying several times, I am unable to access the site. Hence, it is requested to rectify the problem in order to address the issue.

    1. What is your application number?

  49. I am willing to stand for Councillor election of 2016. So help me by providing voter list of respected ward.
    District : Trichy
    Village : Samayapuram (town panchayat)
    Ward no : 6
    If you can help me directly then send those details to my mail id

    1. Please mention the constituency you belong to?

  50. My epic no:NNE0879023. But till now I did not get my voter id.
    Takuk:papansam (172)
    Which officer can I approach for this problem?

  51. My application no A15 1915811, Madurai Tamil nadu. Please give my status

  52. The name was changed in voter id, but the id not sent to me. How will I get it?

  53. I submitted application no ET15010159. I did not get info for voter ID. Please reply

    1. Status : Data Entry Stage Over

  54. S/o Palani SAMY NAChinampatty Sandapatty (po)ARUR (tk)Dharmapuri (DT)

    1. You will get list of wards in your constituency by selecting district and constituency in the above link. Click your respective ward and list of all voters will be downloaded as pdf.

  55. Earkolpatti(vi)maniacally(po)pentagram(tk)Dharmapuri(dt)

    1. Which ward and part no you belong to?

  56. Jeyam S/O Arunachalam

    Already i have voter ID
    Number TN/23/148/0441024 Residence at 17/1 Meenatchi Naickent patty , Kurumpapatty PO , Dindigul Dt.

    Now I have changed my residents that number 01 JVP. College Builing , Old Savariyar Palayam , Madurai road Begampuoor PO Dindigul 624002. But already I have filled form and submitted to DINDIGUL Municipality but during 2006 Parliament election time my name is not entered in our area . So please entry my voter in our resident area

  57. Consequent upon my retirement, I moved to my home in 2013 in Banu Nagar Ambattur. Me, my wife and my son enrolled ourselves as voters in March 2014 and based on this, we voted as a school in Banu nagar. We have not so far received our voter cards.

    I visited the Ambattur corporation office. Four people were in the election office out of which one person was sleeping at about 4 pm in the evening. Other 3 were chit chatting. When I inquired, they asked for my voter ID card number. When I said I did not receive any card so far, they asked me to wait till January 2016 to get my card when teachers will be deployed.

    Till then, the election office staff can sleep or chit chat with out guiding people for which they draw their salaries

  58. I had applied for my younger son S.Sanjay Ragavendara, who had completed 19yrs and he had completed the formalities for obtaining the election card and his number is A14-1170519 and application received date is 13/03/2015, through the Nellai Shanthi S.G.Teacher, Avadi (M) High School. TNHB, Avadi Chennai -600054 in presence of our 17th ward Member Councillor and acknowledgement receipt of the original is with us, and same we had approached for the clarification of Election card on 11/10/2015 at J.G.V.V.Hr.Sec. School, Avadi, and they told that fresh Election application should be submitted, and it is really shocked to us though we had submitted the applications at previous month, We had spend two photos, transport, one day leave, waste of time, So we will wait for kind reply and we will not submit the fresh application at your end again and again, And please check the carelessness of the staff who was responsibility of this case and take necessary action. If it is failed correct justification will be seen in the High court. This is for your kind information please, Once I again we will not submit application.
    Thank you,
    Yours faithfully
    District organizing Commissioner/Scouts

    Check the status of A14/1170519

    1. It is showing as ” Invalid Applicationid.Pls enter valid ApplicationId”

  59. Still no display of voter list

    1. You need to select your district and Constituency to search your name in voter list.

  60. How to see my name in Electoral roll?

    1. How to view my voter ID card?

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