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Organisation : Chief Electoral Officer Odisha
Facility : Booth List
Applicable State : Odisha
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CEO Odisha Booth List

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Booth List Details

District : Badanki
AC : Padampur

Part No & Name Polling Station Building :
1-Badanki Badanki PUPS
2-Kukripali Kukripali PUPS
3-Ureidadar Ureidadar PUPS
4-Beheraduburi Beheraduburi PS
5-Loharasingh Loharasingh PUPS
6-Dewanpali Dewanpali PUPS
7-Kurlupali Kurlupali UGUP
8-Dabpali Dabpali PS
9-Bhandarpuri Bhandarpuri UGHS
10-Jampali Jampali PUPS
11-Chhotanki Chhotanki PUPS
12-Ghuchapali Ghuchapali PS
13-Bolangir Bolangir UGUP
14-Rajendrapur Rajendrapur PUPS
16-Dava Dava PS
18-Anagul Anagul UGUP
19-Suryamanipur Suryamanipur PUPS
20-Bhainsadaha Bhaensadarha SS
21-Niljipatra Niljipatra PUPS
22-Laudidarha Laudidarha SS
23-Gaudmal Gaudmal PS
24-Kurma Kurma PS
25-Sikaripali Sikaripali PS
26-Nuapada Nuapada PS
27-Putuka Putuka UGUP
28-Khirapali Khirapali PS
29-Jagdalapur Jagdalapur PS
30-Dhaurabhata Dhaurabhata PS
31-Badkunjari Badkunjari PUPS
32-Sankunjari Sankunjari PUPS
33-Saramsili Saramsili PUPS
34-Chiroli Chiroli PS
35-Jatesira Jatesira PUPS
36-Dunguripali Dunguripali UGUP
37-Mahagaon Mahagaon PS
38-Chandibhata Chandibhata Nodal UPS
39-Adapani Adapani PS
40-Dudukidadar Dudukidadar PUPS ( )
41-Sargul Sargul PUPS
42-Kusumadarha Kusumadarha NO UPS
43-Kandadangar Kandadangar NO UPS
44-Bijadhol Bijadhol Ashram School
45-Bandamunda Bandamunda PS
46-Bhandarjori Bhandarjori PS
47-Nityanandapur Nityanandapur UGUP
48-Bilasapur Bilasapur UGUP
49-Kasipani Kasipani PUPS
50-Saldihi Saldihi UGUP
51-Iskinda Iskinda PS
52-Pagarpani Pagarpani PS
53-Gothuguda Gothuguda UGUP
54-Kotna Kotna Nodal UPS
55-Jharbandh Jharbandh Nodal UPS(East)
56-Jharbandh Jharbandh Nodal UPS(East)
57-Shakti Shakti PS
58-Lergan Lergan PUPS
59-Kumir Kumir Sevashram
60-Tampar Tampar PS
61-Turla Turla UGUP
62-Tuhungidadar Tuhungidadar UGUP
63-Sandadar Sanadadar PS
64-Dungurichadha Dungurichadha PUPS
65-Putukidungari Putukidungari PUPS
66-Sankri Sankri SevS
67-Tumuripani Tumuripani PUPS
68-Baitali Baitali PS
69-Amathi Amthi PUPS
70-Jogendranathapur Jogendranathapur pups
71-Bhubaneswarapur Bhubaneswarapur SS
72-Bhubaneswarapur Bhubaneswarapur SS
73-Kapilasapur Kapilasapur PUPS
74-Parashakhandi Parashakhandi PS
75-Brahmanadihi Brahmanadihi UGUP
76-Chhetagan Chhetagan PS
77-Ghuchapali Ghuchapali PS
78-Kutramal Kutramal PUPS
79-Mundela Mundela PS
80-Mandiadhipa Mandiadhipa PS

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  1. My name is not in the voter list.

  2. Please show my voter ID card.

    1. Have you apply for voter id using form 6?

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