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Party: AGP Asom Gana Parishad
State : Assam

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Asom Gana Parishad

The Asom Gana Parishad, a political party is formed and this constitution is adopted.

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There will be four tier of organizational structure of the party


To protect its own national identity and integrity amidst diversity in the state of Assam, the land of various ethnic communities and multifa culture with secular, democratic and socialistic outlook, developing knowledge, science, technonolgy, art and culture and establishing a resourceful state of Assam within the Indian union ensuring political, social and cultural development and dignity of labour among men and womwen and a classless society free of any explotitation, emphasing well integrated agriculture and industrial development.

Name : Asom Gana Parishad
Operational Area : The State Of Assam
Head Office : Ambari, Guwahati

Aims & Objective

a) To protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of the country, with loyality to Indian Constitution and faith in secularism and democracy.
b) To establish Assam as strong and powerful state with political equality, economic progress and social justice within the Indian union through decentralization of democracy by amending the Indian Constitution on the line of federal structure.
c) To develop and establish a self sufficient economy of Assam through development of manpower and proper utilization of mineral forest and water resources and to enlarge industrial base and avenue of employment in the state.
d) To recognize the Assamese society with understanding tolerance and brotherhood among the communities by removing the mistrust among the people that arises on the basis of caste, crteed, religion and languages etc.
e) To ensure right of the people of Assam by politically organizing the people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, languages etc.

Organizational Structure

There will be four tier of organizational structure of the party

Cades trial village under G.P.. Ward under town Committee and Municipal Board, below ward level, under Guwahati Municipal Corporation and below ZP, Constituency in autonomous council area

There will be 10 branches in 10 cadestrial village under a G.P. area. However with the suggestion/recommendation of the executive committee of the branch of the , the President of the concerned regional(Anchalik) Comitee will have the power to alter the operational area of the branches. But the total number of the branch should not be less than 10.

The President of the Guwahati city District Committee will have the authority to determine the number and operational area of the branches below the GMC Ward level with the suggestion of the Anchalik Committee formed within the the ward level. In the same way the the President of the District committee under autonomous council will have the authority to determine the number and operational area of the branches under the Anchalik Committee area with the suggestion of the concerned Anchalik Committee formed within the Z.P.

Regional/ Anchalik :
At G.P., Town committee and municipal board level and ward level within G.M.C. One Regional Committee in each Z.P. constituency in autonomous council of Karbi Anglong, Dima Hasao and Hill Districts and BTAD area

District:- At Civil administrative sub-division and G.M.C. level
Central :- At state level.
In addition to it four additional level will be formed in organizational structure through indirect election.
Booth Committee :- One booth committee in each polling booth under a legislative assembly constituency.
Block Committee :- One block committee in each development block level (not applicable in case of autonomous Z.P. area
Constituency Committee :- One constituency covering one legislative assembly constituency area
Zonal Committee :- At each L.S. constituency level

Branch :
Formation of General Council/ House :-
At least 50 members from the branch area will form the general house. Its term will be 3 years.
First meeting of the general council ;- the first meeting of the general council will be convened by the secretary of the Anchalik Committee in Constitution with the President. The President of the Anchalik Committee will act as interim president and the executive Committee of the branch will be formed at the first sitting and charge will be entrusted to the newly elected president of the branch.

Convening General Meeting :- One annual general meeting is to be convened at the end of every year. Special general meeting may also be convened if required .At the end of the term , general conference is to be convened . The secretary in consultation with the president will convene the meeting

Notice of the Meeting :- Seven days notice for special general meeting ,10 days notice for annual general meeting and 15 days notice for general conference will be required

Cho rum of the General Meeting :- one third of the member present will form the cho rum and decision will be made with majority voting . In case of tie , president will caste decisive vote

Duty & Responsibility

Duty and responsibility of branch general council
1) To form the executive committee
2) To elect responsibility of the general house of the Auchalik committee
3) Execution of work plan with a view to create public opinion in from the party
4) Identification of local problems and prepare and execute plans for its solutions
5) To make strategy for strengthen the base of the party at grassroots’ level
6) Approval of annual accounts


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  1. Can I get the objectives and programmes of other parties in election such as shiv sena, national conference, DMK, AIADMK?

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