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Organisation : Chief Electoral Officer Odisha
Facility : Collection of Aadhar Number From Applicants
Collection of Aadhaar Number From Applicants :
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CEO Odisha Collection of Aadhar Number

Subject: Revision/Updation of Electoral Rolls- Collection of Aadhar Number from the applicants-regarding

** Your kind attention is invited to EC letter No.23/1/2015 dated 27″ February, 2045 conveying EC decision to Use Aadhar Number on voluntary basis wherever issued to a person, to authenticate its particulars with ER particulars available in ECI foil database.

** Presently, the Aadhar Number are being collected in a campaign mode under National Electoral Roll purification and Authentication programme (NERPAP)launched on 3″ March,2015.
** I am also to say that the Commission has taken a further decision to collect, hereafter Aadhar Number of the applicants who file Form ,7,8,0r 8A and do data entry of Aadhar Number in ER database.
** A field for Aadhar Number should immediately be created, if not done in the ER database. A copy each of Formss) ,7,8 and 8A suitably adapted is enclosed For future requirements, they should be printed in the enclosed formats.
** With a view to using existing stock and to avoid wastage of papers, hand stamping of the changes should be done.
** The Commission is writing separately to Ministry of Law for making suitable amendments in Form , 7, 8 and 9.
** It is made amply clear that furnishing of Aadhar Number is not mandatory but it is optional.
** Non furnishing of Aadhar furnber not be a ground for rejection of application.
** The applicants should be requested to give this information in their own interest to ensure defect free Electoral Roll, and for incorporation of correct data of electors in the rolls.

Kindly acknowledge receipt and ensure compliance by field election machinery.

Declaration :
I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief: –
(i) I am a citizen of India;
(ii) I am ordinarily resident at the address given in parall above since
(iii) I have not applied for the inclusion of my name in the electoral roll for any other
(iv) My name has not already been included in the electoral roll for this or any other month, year)

My name may have been included in the electoral roll for Constituency in State in which was ordinarily resident earlier at the address mentioned below and if so, i request that the same may be deleted from that electoral roll.
Full Address (Earlier Place of ordinary residence) Electors Photo identity Card number (if already issued) –
Date of issue
Date: Signature or thumb impression of the applicant
Please give your mobile number mail ID (Optional)
Aadhaar Number, if already issued (Optional)

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  1. jugal kishor tandi

    My aadhar card and my voter id is incorrect. So I want to correct all my document. How to correct my document? Please replay this solution.

  2. I want to add my aadhaar no. with voter identity card. Please tell me the procedure.

  3. Lingaraj Biswal s/o Batakrushna biswal

    Aadhar no.6641 3049 4307
    My aadhar card name is incorrect. So I want to correct all my documents. How to correct my document?

    1. Gagan bihari jena

      How to feed online my aadhaar card no and voter id card no?

    2. To feed your aadhaar number by sms type ECILINK ,Aadhaar_Number> and send it to 166/ 51969

  4. Binayak dash s/o shantanu kumar dash

    I am unable to got my aadhar card from a very long time because your officers alerted for aadhar card collected. I am very poor person. Please help me.

  5. Ranjan kumar sethy

    My aadhar card and my voter id is incorrect. So I want to correct all my documents. How to correct my document? Please reply this solution.

    1. FORM 8 : Application for correction to particulars entered in electoral roll

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