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You can now ask your questions about this election. Please go to the bottom of this page.

Draft Electoral Roll 2017 :
Home Page :

Draft Electoral Roll :

1 – Lumla (ST)
2 – Tawang (ST)

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3 – Mukto (ST)
4 – Dirang (ST)
5 – Kalaktang (ST)
6 – Thrizino-Buragaon (ST)
7 – Bomdila (ST)
8 – Bameng (ST)
9 – Chayang-Tajo (ST)
10- Seppa East (ST)
11- Seppa West (ST)
12- Pakke-Kessang (ST)
13- Itanagar (ST)
14- Doimukh (ST)
15- Sagalee (ST)
16- Yachuli (ST)
17- Ziro-Hapoli (ST)
18- Palin (ST)
19- Nyapin (ST)
20- Tali (ST)
21- Koloriang (ST)
22- Nacho (ST)
23- Taliha (ST)
24- Daporijo (ST)
25- Raga (ST)
26- Dumporijo (ST)
27- Liromoba (ST)
28- Likabali (ST)
29- Basar (ST)
30- Along West (ST)
31- Along East (ST)
32- Rumgong (ST)
33- Mechuka (ST)

34- Tuting-Yingkiong (ST)
35- Pangin (ST)
36- Nari-Koyu (ST)
37- Pasighat West (ST)
38- Pasighat East(ST)
39- Mebo (ST)
40- Mariyang-Geku (ST)
41- Anini (ST)
42- Dambuk (ST)
43- Roing (ST)
44- Tezu (ST)
45- Hayuliang (ST)
46- Chowkham (ST)
47- Namsai (ST)
48- Lekang (ST)
49- Bordumsa-Diyum
50- Miao (ST)
51- Nampong (ST)
52- Changlang South (ST)
53- Changlang North (ST)
54- Namsang (ST)
55- Khonsa East (ST)
56- Khonsa West (ST)
57- Borduria-Bogapani (ST)
58- Kanubari(ST)
59- Longding-Pumao (ST)
60- Pongchau-Wakka (ST)

Who can become a voter?
Any person who is:
1) a citizen of India
2) 18 years of age or above on the qualifying date which is presently 1.1.2014 Or born on 1.1.1992 or earlier.
3) ordinarily resident in Arunachal Pradesh.This includes a student in a University, Institute etc.
4) not disqualified to be voter e.g. not of unsound mind etc

Where can I find details of my BLO ?
To know your BLO, please go to Know Your Booth Level Officer (BLO). on the home page, click on the Select Button for the address closest to you and you will get the details of your BLO.

I have submitted my Form 6 by post / in person. What happens after that ?
The Booth Level Officer for your area shall visit you at the residence that you have given and will do the following
i) Confirm that you actually reside at the address mentioned by you in Form-6.
ii) Verify your photograph with you in person.

My father has expired, what do I need to do ?
** His name and the names of all people who have expired have to be deleted from the Electoral Roll.
** For this you will have to fill Form 7.
** You can give it personally or by post.
** For the procedure involved, please look at Answers to Questions No. 2, 3, 4 and 5 above.
** The only document that you are required need to attach is a Death Certificate.
** No other document is required.

I suspect that my neighbour has got additional Voter Identity Cards (EPIC) by giving fake identities, is there anything I can do ?
Yes you can object to this. For this you will have to fill Form 7. You can give it personally or by post.

I am already a voter and want to inspect the details about myself in the Electoral Roll. Can I do this and how?
Yes. Go to the Home page of this website and click on “Online Elector Search”.

How can I know my Assembly Constituency?

You can get the name of your Assembly Constituency by going to the Home page of this website and clicking “Electoral Roll (in PDF format)”.

Where can I get information on the Member of Parliament and Member of Legislative Assembly from my Constituency?
After knowing your Assembly Constituency, you may go to the Home page and click “Affidavits” for getting information on the Member of Assembly Constituency and for getting information on the Member of Parliament for your Parliamentary Constituency.

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