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Organisation : Election Commission of India
Facility : Overseas Indian Electors Survey

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About The Survey :

Dear Overseas Indian,
** It’s time to leverage your right and call for the duty of voicing your opinion with us because,
** Every Indian Vote Counts.

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** To study and determine the registration and participation rates among overseas electors, ECI and TISS have come up with a unique survey for Overseas Indians. This quick survey would help us know more about you as an enthusiastic elector.
** We are determined to shape opinions into path-breaking ideas. And thus we cordially invite you to be a part of this survey and help us make it a success.
** The survey enables the participants in successfully completing their competition entries. The respondents will not be asked for any personal information like passport details, bank details etc.
** Complete the survey and get a chance to be honoured by the Chief Election Commissioner of India.
Thank you for participating!

How to Earn Democracy Points?
** Earn highest Democracy Points and you could become the Top Scorer So Far.
** Earn highest Democracy points in 15 days and get recognized by the Chief Election Commissioner

Start the survey and earn 20 Democracy points!

Increase your Democracy points by inviting 5 Overseas Electors every day.

Organize a meeting in your locality. Click and upload a photo with a hashtag banner: and earn 10 Democracy points for every attendee!

If I register in the middle of the week, then will I be eligible to the fortnightly prize?
** Yes, Fortnightly Prize is rewarded to incentivize your consistency of effort
** We start counting your points from the day you register.
** This ensures that the users registering on the website have a common time-cycle and are treated in a fair and equal manner.
** A small ticker on the dashboard will remind the user on the number of days left for them to make the effort.

How will the winner be chosen in case of a tie?
Ties will be broken by a coin flip. In other words, if two people earn the same Democracy points then the winner will be randomly chosen with the probability = 1 / (no of people with same Democracy points)

When will the fortnightly prizes be announced?
The prizes shall be announced at the end of every 15th day from the day you register. After the announcement of first fortnightly winner, the announcement will be made on a daily basis.

Whose signature will be received on the Certificate of Honour?
The Certificate of Honour will be signed by The Election Commissioner of India.

Will my passport verification be required at the time of claiming the prize?
Yes, to abstain any frauds from winning the prizes, details of all prize winners will be verified.

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