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Organisation : Chief Electoral Officer Uttar Pradesh
Facility : General Election Legislative Assembly

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Schedule for holding General Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh

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Sl. No. | Poll Event | Phase-1 (73 ACs) | Phase-2 (67 ACs) | Phase-3 (69 ACs) | Phase-4 (53 ACs) | Phase-5 (52 ACs) | Phase-6 (49 ACs) | Phase-7 (40 ACs) :
1 Date of Notification 17.01.2017 (TUE) 20.01.2017 (FRI) 24.01.2017 (TUE) 30.01.2017 (MON) 02.02.2017 (THU) 07.02.2017 (TUE) 09.02.2017 (THU)
2 Last Date of Making Nominations 24.01.2017 (TUE) 27.01.2017 (FRI) 31.01.2017 (TUE) 06.02.2017 (MON) 09.02.2017 (THU) 14.02.2017 (TUE) 16.02.2017 (THU)

3 Scrutiny of Nominations 25.01.2017 (WED) 30.01.2017 (MON) 01.02.2017 (WED) 07.02.2017 (TUE) 10.02.2017 (FRI) 16.02.2017 (THU) 17.02.2017 (FRI)
4 Withdrawal of candidature 27.01.2017 (FRI) 01.02.2017 (WED) 03.02.2017 (FRI) 09.02.2017 (THU) 13.02.2017 (MON) 18.02.2017 (SAT) 20.02.2017 (MON)

5 Date of Poll 11.02.2017 (SAT) 15.02.2017 (WED) 19.02.2017 (SUN) 23.02.2017 (THU) 27.02.2017 (MON) 04.03.2017 (SAT) 08.03.2017 (WED)
6 Date of Counting 11.03.2017 (SAT)
7 Date of Completion 15.03.2017 (WED)

*Details of ACs going to poll during various phases enclosed.

The terms of the Legislative Assemblies of Punjab is normally due to expire as follows,
Uttar Pradesh 27.05.2017

Assembly Constituencies :
The total number of Assembly Constituencies in the State Uttar Pradesh and seats reserved for the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, as determined by the Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Order, 2008, are as under
State | Total No. of ACs | Reserved for SCs | Reserved for STs :
Uttar Pradesh 403 84 2

Electoral Rolls :
** The electoral rolls of all the existing Assembly Constituencies in the State Uttar Pradesh is being revised, with reference to 01.01.2017 as the qualifying date.
** The dates of publication of the Final Rolls are indicated below and the details of the final publication will be made available on the ECI website.
** As per the draft rolls, the numbers of electors are as follows

State | Total No. of Electors in Draft Rolls-2017 wrt 01/01/2017 as qualifying date | Date of Publication of Final Roll :
Uttar Pradesh 138517026 12.01.2017

Poll Day Monitoring System :
** A constant and stringent 24-hour monitoring of the critical events and activities of the poll day shall be done using the Poll Day Monitoring System.
** All the crucial events like reaching of Polling Parties, Votes Cast, Voters’ Images etc shall be captured and monitored using this state-of-the-art IT application, which has the added advantage of being used offline also, so as to circumvent nonconnectivity of network.
** All data captured offline is synchronized with the centralized server as soon as the person using the App comes in the coverage area.
** Through this App, we can find out Voter Turnout (VTR) gender-wise, age-wise and section-wise.
** Improvement of quality of image in the roll can also be done through this App as we get the recent colour photograph of the voter against old / bad quality photograph in the roll.

Conduct of Officials :
** The Commission expects all officials engaged in the conduct of elections to discharge their duties in an impartial manner without any fear or favour.
** They are deemed to be on deputation to the Commission and shall be subject to its control, supervision and discipline.
** The conduct of all Government officials who have been entrusted with election related responsibilities and duties would remain under constant scrutiny of the Commission and strict action shall be taken against those officials who are found wanting on any account.
** The Commission has already given instructions that no election related official or Police officer of the rank of Inspector and above shall be allowed to continue in his home district.

** Besides, instructions have also been issued that election related officials including police officials of Inspector level and above, who have completed three years in a district during last four years, should be transferred out of that district.
** Police officers of the rank of Sub-Inspectors, who have completed three years in a Sub-Division/Assembly Constituency or are posted in their home sub division/assembly constituency, shall also be transferred out of that Sub-Division and the Assembly Constituency.
** The Commission has also instructed the State Governments not to associate any officer with the electoral process against whom charges have been framed in a court of law in any case.**

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