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Name of the Organisation : Chief Electoral Officer Gujarat
Type of Facility : Change Voter Details in Voter Roll
Applicable State : Gujarat
Form-8A :
Home Page :

CEO Gujarat Change Voter Details in Voter Roll

Form 8A – Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll. Follow the below procedures to File Form 8A.

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Who can file Form-8A

A person whose name is already included in the current electoral roll can file the Application for transposition of an entry in a different place of the same constituency.

The Application Form can be downloaded from CEO Gujarat official website. Go to the CEO Gujarat site and Select For Voters -> Click Forms for Voters

When Form-8A can be filed

1. The application can be filed after draft publication of electoral roll of the constituency. The application is to be filed within the specific days provided for the purpose.

2. Only one copy of the application is to be filed.
3. Application can be filed through out the year even when the revision programme is not going on. During non-revision period, application must be filed in duplicate.

Where to file Form-8A

1. During revision period, the application can be filed at the designated locations where the draft electoral roll is displayed as well as the Electoral Registration Officer and Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency.
2. During other period of the year when revision programme is not going on, the application can be filed only with the Electoral Registration Officer.

How to Fill the Form-8A

1. The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space.
2. In Part I of the Application Form fill the name Part No. & Sr. No. of the electoral roll where already registered and Electors Photo Identity Card No.(EPIC) in full and the relation’s name.

3. In Part II of the Application please mention the complete address of the new place where you/person concerned have shifted place of ordinary residence within the constituency.

4. In Part III of the Application, indicate the approximate period of continuous residence at the new address mentioned in Part II.
5. In Part IV, write the electoral roll part no. This part is optional in case you don’t know the electoral roll part no., then leave it blank.

6. In Part V is not to be filled where the applicant seeks transposition of entry relating to one own self. This part is required to be filled in case the applicant applies for transposition of entry of some other person.

Please give your mobile number and E-mail I.D in the Form , which is optional , as the same, if given, may be used by the Electoral Registration Officer for further communication with the applicant whenever required.


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  1. How can I change my address?

    1. Use form 8A to modify your voter details.

  2. How can I change my surname online?

  3. Disha Dahyabhai Chauhan, Nadiad.

    My request is to change my date of birth.

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  6. Uma Shaileshbhai Shebar

    Identity card no : GJ/04/018/027762

  7. Pranav Jaypakash Upadhyay

    In English my name is Pranav and in Gujarati my name is Pralav. So how can I change my name in Gujarati?


    What can I do?


  10. I am livingin Bhavnagar Gujarat. I am filling last time form no 8.
    My election card address not changed. My id is YQM1369131.
    Please change old address to this new address .

    Room no :
    B /6 Radha krishna complex Sanskar Mandal Talaja Road Bhavnagar

  11. My address is changed. I want to change address in my voter id. Please help me.

  12. Malek Imran Rafikbhai

    I was registered my voter id form before 3 months but my voter id card is not delivered on my address. I still need my voter id card.

  13. I have received my election card with address and name mistake. Many times I filled form 8 for changing but till today ECI correction’s talented staff not solve their mistake.
    My card no.IKN241929,IKN249737
    Address :
    101 Gajanand appt.
    NEAR v v nagar railway station,

  14. Jay Swmainarayan

    Kothari Krishnakant Sureshbhai,
    Change Address
    I- 8 YagnapurshNagar Correction E-8 Yagnapurushnagar

  15. Please help me how can I transfer my election id card to other state Gujarat to Daman and Diu?

  16. Naik Mukeshkumar mohanlal

    Form No.8 was filled on dated 09/07/2015 for name correction( English /gujarati — langauge my name as well as father’s correction in Election Commission of India identity card( ID.No.SGL 2815678).

  17. I have received my election card with address and name mistake. Many times i filled form 8 for changing but till today ECI correction’s talented staff not solve ther mistake.
    My card no.LGC2137685

  18. kanaiyalal Ranchhodlal prajapati

    I want to know that my address had been changed or not

    1. I want to change my resident address in the epic (voter card)
      What can I do?

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  21. I fill up form 8a and some information are confused like (part number of electoral roll in which his/her name is included,and his/her serial number in that part). So,solve this query

  22. I want to change (some corrections) in election card. How can I do it? I visit Ahmadabad election dept. They say that at this time (period) can not change What can I do for this same?

  23. I want to change address

    1. Change Details in Voter Roll – Form-8

  24. Any Online Procedure available for Change Address in election roll which is located in other constituency?

    If yes please provide procedure, if not what can we do manually and where to submit form and how to track my application online?

    1. Address and name change

  25. I have Voter ID Card with Bhavnagar Address and now I have shifted Bhavnagar to Ahmadabad. Then what is the step of Changing for VoterID Card?

  26. I want to download form 8 A in Gujrati language. Please help me out .

    1. Form 8A is available only in English.

  27. I want to do correction of my name in voter id through online. Can I do?

  28. I am living in Gujarat and I want to change some mistakes. So how could I do?
    I didn’t find any online form for changing name mistake.

    1. Please download form 8 from the above link for changing details in your voter id

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