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ECI Service Voters’ Portal :

Organisation : Election Commission of India
Facility : Service Voters’ Portal
Applicable For : Service Voters
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ECI Service Voters’ Portal

Service voter is a voter having service qualification. According to the provisions of sub – section (8) of Section 20 of Representation of People Act, 1950, service qualification means –

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(a) Being a member of the armed Forces of the Union ; or
(b) Being a member of a force to which provisions of the Army Act, 1950 (46 of 1950), have been made applicable whether with or without modification ;

(c) Being a member of an Armed Police Force of a State, and serving outside that state; or
(d) Being a person who is employed under the Government of India, in a post outside India.

Update : Date of Final Publication has been extended to 22nd Feb 2019. Mail has been sent to CEO and Nodal Officers.

The relevant date for revision of electoral roll is 1st January of the year in which the roll is finally published.

Application Forms

What are the application Forms in which various categories of service voters have to apply for enrollment as elector ?
Following are the application Forms in which various categories of service voters are to make application for enrollment as service voter
(i) Members of Armed Forces – Form 2
(ii) Members of Armed Police Force of a State, serving outside that State – Form 2 A
(iii) Persons employed under Government of India on post outside India – Form 3

However, if a service personnel has opted to get himself enrolled as general elector at place of his posting, where he is actually residing, he will have to apply in
Form 6 like other general electors.

From where Form 2 / 2 A / 3 can be obtained?
Ans. It can be downloaded from the website of Election Commission of India.

Process of Enrollment

Election Commission orders revision / updation of rolls for service voters twice in a year. The Commission sends a communication to Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs intimating them of the commencement of revision programme.

As soon as the programme is announced, persons having service qualification can fill up the application in statutory Form 2 / 2A / 3, in duplicate, and handover to the officer in-charge of record office or the nodal authority in Ministry of External Affairs (in case of persons employed under Government of India on a post outside India).

The person applying in Form 2 / 2A has also to submit a declaration in a prescribed format to the effect that he did not get enrolled as general elector in any constituency. The declaration need not be in duplicate.

The officer in-charge / nodal authority will check the Form and declaration and ensure that the Form is complete in all respects and particulars filled by the applicant therein are correct. The officer in-charge, will then, sign the verification certificate provided in the Form itself and forward the same to the Chief Electoral Officer of the State concerned.

The Chief Electoral Officer sends the Form to respective District Election Officer who will then send it to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency. The Electoral Registration Officer will process the Form.


Who is a Classified Service Voter?
Ans. Service voter belonging to Armed Forces or forces to which provisions of Army Act, 1950 are applicable, has 0ption of either voting through postal ballot or through a proxy voter duly appointed by him. A service voter who opts for voting through a proxy is called Classified Service Voter (CSV).

Can a Classified Service Voter be issued postal ballots by the Returning Officer ?
Ans. A Classified Service Voter cannot be issued postal ballots but the appointed proxy shall physically come and vote at the polling station which covers the classified voter’s home address.

How many times the last part of electoral roll for service voters is updated in a year?
Ans. The last part of electoral roll / list of service voters is updated twice and 2 supplements are brought out in a year.

In which language the last part of rolls is prepared for service voters ?
Ans. The last part containing the list of service voter is prepared in English only.

Is a service voter issued Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC) like ordinary electors?
Ans. A service voter is not issued Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC). Elector Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is a document of identity which an elector has to show at the polling station at the time of casting his vote.

As service voters are issued postal ballots or votes through his ‘proxy’, they are not required to visit the polling stations personally and therefore Elector Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) is not issued to them.

How is a service voter different from an ordinary elector?
While an ordinary elector is registered in the electoral roll of the constituency in which his place of ordinary residence is located, person having service qualification can get enrolled as ‘service voter’ at his native place even though he actually may be residing at a different place (of posting).

He has, however, an option to get himself enrolled as general elector at the place of his posting where he factually, at the point of time, is residing ordinarily with his family for a sufficient span of time.

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  1. As a service man, I applied it one year back. Now how can I verify it whether I got it (or) not.

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