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All posts from Bye Election Urban/ Panchayat 17th January 2018 : Madhya Pradesh SEC

Organisation : Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission
Facility : Bye Election Urban/ Panchayat
Applicable For : MP Voters
Election Date : 17 January 2018
State : Madhya Pradesh
Website :

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Madhya Pradesh SEC Bye Election Urban/ Panchayat

Nomination Received Date – 27 December 2017 to 03 January 2018
Polling Day Date – 17 January 2018
Counting Day Date – 20 January 2018

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EVM Tracking System

EVM Tracking and Monitoring System (E.T.M.S.) – is a web based application to monitor the EVM tracking. It is an integrated package which has features right from store room master, master stock register entry(Ballot Unit , Control Unit and DMM entry), defective EVM entry, transfer of EVM ,Maintain purpose for which device (Ballot Unit,Control Unit and DMM )is being used in districts. Randomization of Devices on DEO Level and RO Level has been done in E.T.M.S.

MPSEC IT Issue Tracker

Please raise any issue related to OLIN/IEMS/Polling station survey app/chunav app/Transportation management system/DEMP etc.
* Required
All raised issues could be viewed and status could be tracked using link

For escalation drop a mail to deepaknema.mpsec @
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.

Required Fields :
** District Name *
** Person Name *
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State Election Commission

The Constitution of India vests in the State Election Commission, consisting of a State Election Commissioner, the superintendence, direction and control of the preparation of electoral rolls for, and the conduct of all elections to the Panchayats and the Municipalities (Articles 243K, 243ZA). The State Election Commissioner is appointed by the Governor.

The Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission was constituted vide the notification dated February 1,1994 issued by the General Administration Department of the State Government. It came into existence on Feburary 15, 1994 with the assumption of office by the first State Election Commissioner.

Vision :
Promote measures for strengthening the environment for free and fair elections in Madhya Pradesh

Mission :
Officers and staff of Madhya Pradesh State Election Commission resolve that we shall,
Strengthen our competencies in all legal and managerial aspects of elections,
Implement measures for the use of GIS and expand the use of IT applications in the elections; and Expand the use of information technology in inter and intra-office applications.

As per article 243(C3) the Governor, when so requested by the State Election Commission, make available to the State Election Commission such staff as may be necessary for the discharge of the functions conferred on the SEC by clause (1).

State Election Commissioner
Name Tenure
N.B.Lohani 15.02.1994 – 16.02.2000
Gopal Sharan Shukl 16.02.2000 – 14.08.2006
Aditya Vijay Singh 14.08.2006 – 10.12.2010
Dr.Ajit Raizada 10.12.2010 – 30.09.2013
R.Parasuram 01.10.2013 -Onwards
Secretary (State Election Commission)
Name Tenure
Prakash Chand 16.02.1994 – 30.11.1995
Yashpal Kumar 04.12.1995 – 01.10.1997
Vijiya Shrivastava 31.07.1998 – 09.06.2000
K.P.Singh 19.06.2000 – 24.07.2000
V.C.Rawat 24.07.2000 – 18.07.2001
Rakesh Bansal 23.07.2001 – 08.01.2002
S.P.Gupta 05.09.2002 – 28.01.2003
S.P.Jain 28.01.2003 – 28.08.2003
Arun Tiwari 17.10.2003 – 18.01.2006
Heeralal Trivedi 06.02.2006 – 06.07.2007
Urmila Mishra 14.08.2007 – 07.07.2008
Dr.Rajesh Rajora 07.07.2008 – 07.01.2009
Anupam Rajan 22.07.2009 – 09.08.2010
Rajni Uike 09.08.2010 – 22.06.2011
Subhash Jain 22.06.2011 – 31.08.2012
G.P.Shrivastava 09.11.2012 – 27.11.2015
Sunita Tripathi 27.11.2015 -Onwards

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