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Organisation : Chief Electoral Officer Jammu & Kashmir
Announcement : SMS Based Monitoring System
Applicable State : Jammu & Kashmir
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CEO JK SMS Based Monitoring System

Computerized tracking of the election process with the critically important objective of being able to take timely action in real time.

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** It is an ‘Event based management system’ – from the time of dispatch till the time of deposition of election material after return of parties.
** Polling parties are distributed in remote locations, so the challenge is to get the information timely

** Events can be of predetermined nature ( e.g. Polling party dispatched, arrived etc.) or of non-predetermined nature (e.g. Incidents of violence). Both types of events need to trigger action on getting recorded into the system.

Why SMS?

** SMS is a very easy and convenient technology that can be used for a wide range of applications. Although it has the widest reach of all the mobile technologies today.
** Incorporates Time delay option, i.e. the recipients phone being busy does not matter to the sender of SMSs.

** Automatic
i. Automatic sending of SMSs to the persons who are not reporting within scheduled / expected time limits.
ii. Automatic sending of SMSs to police stations, magistrates etc. on receipt of reports of events like violence etc. from polling booths, sector officers etc.

Process of SMS Based Monitoring System

Step 1 : Mobile Registration.
** RO (Returning officer)
** ARO (Assistant Returning officer)
** SO (Sector officer)
** PO (Presiding officer)

Step 2 : Send Events & Time based reports.
** Reports by Presiding Officer/Polling Officer
** Reports by RO/ARO/SO (if PO does not carry mobile phone with them or Mobile Phone of PO, for some reasons beyond control, fails to send SMS)

SMS Format

** SMS is designed in such a format that the message received by the system(SMS gateway) through the sender(RO/ARO/SO/PO) could be automatically interpreted and updated into the database .

** Keyword –’poll’ – All SMS format will start with this keyword.
Example : poll <space> other part of the message. Message to be sent on 9212357123 – This is the virtual destination number that we have purchased from NIC to receive messages from all over India

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