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Jan Adhikar Party JAPL Bihar : Become A Member

Party Name : Jan Adhikar Party JAP
Facility Name : Become A Member
Party Founder : Pappu Yadav
Party State : Bihar
Website :

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Jan Adhikar Party

Jan Adhikar Party(L) is a political party in bihar. It is a noble initiative by Shri Pappu Yadav Ji to serve weak and oppressed and bring them back to mainstream society. Needless to mention that Netajee has succeeded in his cause and has won the hearts of people of Bihar by his selfless and dedicated service.

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Become A Member

To join the party, Just fill up the online form “” today and become a member of JAP.

Information Required For Filling Up Form :
** Name
** Mobile No.
** Email
** Address
** City
** Pincode

Election Symbol

Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) has chosen its Election Symbol as “Hockey Stick and Ball”. Honorable MP, Shri Pappu Yadav justified the symbol as very significant one as it reflected the conviction of the Party to dislodge those from power who almost paralysed the system, evolved to serve the interest of the poor.

Party Promises

** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will provide subsidy by providing improved seeds and fertilizers.
** In order to reverse the centralization of economic power in some hands, Jan Adhikar Party will assure the continuous use of local resources will prevent the export of raw materials and rare energy resources present in Bihar and protect the local industries by imposing more taxes on finished goods imported from abroad.
** The permanent policy of Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) to provide full employment to the local people and make them self-reliant.
** Jan Adhikar Party’s slogan is “Industry, only at the place of their raw materials”.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will create simple policies for entrepreneurs so that new businessmen do not face legal hassles in establishing and running businesses in Bihar.
** Jan Adhikar Party will make a single window clearance system for it, and will ensure a deadline for it.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will impart education that will be equal and free to all from primary to university level.
** Jan adhikar Party (Democratic) will be ensured that the level of educational facilities is similar to rural areas and urban areas.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will create new primary health centers and facilitate maximum beds in government hospitals in Bihar.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will be provided free health care for everyone through medical advice, diagnosis, medical prescription and surgery, transplantation, transmissions, food, accommodation, etc. will be provided free of cost.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will ensure that healthcare facilities reach different sections of society without any discrimination.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will start an honorable old age pension system in which a minimum honorable amount will be given. Any kind of delay in payment of pension payment will be removed.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will ensure reservation to persons with disabilities in every situation.
** In Bihar, the common man has to wait years in order to get justice in the courts.
** To resolve this, Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic)will appoint new judges and all the cases pending in the lower courts will be seen online, such arrangements will be made.
** A coordinating committee of every Panchayat under its control will be formed by Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic), which will monitor the investigations of criminal acts in rural areas.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) will also focus on growing garbage in the cities of Bihar.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) wants to provide 24 hours power and clean water for the people of Bihar.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) has taken steps to resolve that Bihar is to get rid of liquor mafia.
** Jan Adhikar Party (Democratic) is committed to setting up sports facilities, basic infrastructure for the players in urban and rural areas of Bihar.

Party Office

Jan Adhikar Party
11A, Balwant Rai Mehta Lane,
Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi
Contact No.: 011-23782342/23782621

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