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Bihar Legislative Assembly General Election : November 5th 2015

Organisation : Chief Electoral Officer CEO Bihar
Facility : Bihar Legislative Assembly General Election

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Legislative Assembry of Bihar  :

Schedule for Generar Election to the Legislative Assembry of Bihar state – Regarding.

The terms of the Legislative Assembly of Bihar is normally due to expire on 29.11.2015.

By virtue of its powers, duties and functions under Article 324 readwith Article 772(1′) of the constitution of India and Section 15 of Representation of the people Act, 1951, the commission is required to hold elections to constitute the new Legislative Assembly in the State of Bihar before expiry of its present term.

Schedule of General Elections :

Schedule of General Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar :
Phase I :
Date of Notification : 16.09.2015 (Wednesday)
Last date of Making Nomination : 23.09.2015 (Wednesday)
Date of Scrutiny : 24.09.2015 (Thursday)
Last Date of Withdrawal : 26.09.2015 (Saturday)
Date of Poll : 12.10.2015 (Monday)
Date of Counting : 08.11.2015 (Sunday)
Date before which Election shall be completed : 12.11.2015 (Thursday)

Phase II :
Date of Notification : 21.09.2015 (Monday)
Last date of Making Nomination : 28.09.2015 (Monday)
Date of Scrutiny : 28.09.2015 (Tuesday)
Last Date of Withdrawal : 01.10.2015 (Thursday)
Date of Poll : 16.10.2015 (Friday)
Date of Counting : 08.11.2015 (Sunday)
Date before which Election shall be completed : 12.11.2015 (Thursday)

Phase III :
Date of Notification : 01.10.2015 (Thursday)
Last date of Making Nomination : 08.10.2015 (Thursday)
Date of Scrutiny : 09.10.2015 (Friday)
Last Date of Withdrawal : 12.10.2015 (Monday)
Date of Poll : 28.10.2015 (Wednesday)
Date of Counting : 08.11.2015 (Sunday)
Date before which Election shall be completed : 12.11.2015 (Thursday)

Phase IV :
Date of Notification : 07.10.2015 (Wednesday)
Last date of Making Nomination : 14.10.2015 (Wednesday)
Date of Scrutiny : 15.10.2015 (Thursday)
Last Date of Withdrawal : 17.10.2015 (Saturday)
Date of Poll : 01.11.2015 (Sunday)
Date of Counting : 08.11.2015 (Sunday)
Date before which Election shall be completed : 12.11.2015 (Thursday)
Date of Notification : 08.10.2015 (Thursday)
Last date of Making Nomination : 15.10.2015 (Thursday)
Date of Scrutiny : 17.10.2015 (Saturday)
Last Date of Withdrawal : 19.10.2015 (Monday)
Date of Poll : 05.11.2015 (Thursday)
Date of Counting : 08.11.2015 (Sunday)
Date before which Election shall be completed : 12.11.2015 (Thursday)

(1) Assembly Constituencies :
The totar number of Assembly constituencies in the states of Bihar and seats reserued for the Scheduled castes and the schedured rribes, as determined by the Delimitation Commission under the Delimitation Act, 2002, are as under
States | No of Assembly Constituencies | Reserved for SCs | Reserved for STs :
Bihar 243 38 2

(2) Electoral Rolls :
The Electoral Rolls of a existing Assembry constituencies in the state of Bihar on the basis of the erectoral rolrs revised with reference to 1.1.2015 as the quarifuing date have been finally published on 31.07.2015. The number of electors in the State, as on 07.09.2015 is as under
States | No of Electors :
Bihar 66826658

(3) Photo Electoral Rolls :
Photo electoral rolls will be used during the forthcoming general elections and photo percentages in Photo Electoral Rolls of these States are as follows
States | Percentage of Photo Electoral Rolls :
Bihar 99.98

(4) Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) :
Identification of the voters at the polling booth at the time of poll shall be mandatory. Electors who have been provided with EPIC shall be identified through EPIC. Presently, the EPIC coverage in the State is as under
States | Percentage of EPIC :
Bihar 100

All the residual electors are advised to obtain their Elector Photo Identity Cards from the Electoral Registration Officers of their Assembly Constituencies urgently.

In order to ensure that no voter is deprived of his/her franchise, if his/her name figures in the Electoral Rolls, separate instructions will be issued to allow additional documents for identification of voters, if needed.

(5) Polling Stations :
Polling Stations in the poll going States as on the date of final publication of electoral rolls are as follows
States | No. of Polling Stations :
Bihar 62779

For the facility of physically challenged persons, instructions have been issued to ensure that all polling stations as far as practicable, are located at ground floor and ramps are provided. Facilitation shall also be provided for locating electors’ names in a polling station or a group of polling stations through help lines and facilitation centers. (6) Basic Minimum Facilities (BMF) at Polling Stations

The Commission has issued instructions to the Chief Electoral Officer of all States to ensure that every Polling Station is equipped with Basic Minimum Facilities (BMF) like drinking water, shed, toilet, ramp for the physically challenged voters and a standard voting compartment etc

(7) Polling Parties and Randomization :
Polling parties shall be formed randomly, through special application software, Three-stage randomization will be adopted. First, from a wider district database of eligible officials, a shortlist of a minimum 120% of the required numbers will be randomly picked up. This group will be trained for polling duties. In the second stage, from this trained manpower, actual polling parties as required shall be formed by random selection software in the presence of General Observers. In the third randomization, the polling stations will be allocated randomly just before the polling party’s departure. There shall be randomization for such Police Constables and Home guards also, who are deployed at the polling stations on the poll day

(11) None of the Above (NOTA) Option in EVMs :
In its judgment dated 27th September, 2013 in Writ Petition (C) No. 161 of 2004,
the Supreme Court has directed that there should be a “None of the Above” (NOTA) option on the ballot papers and EVMs. The Court has directed that the Commission should implement it either in a phased manner or at a time with the assistance of Government of India’.

On the Balloting Unit, below the name of the last candidate, there will now be a button for NOTA option so that electors who do not want to vote for any of the candidates can exercise their option by pressing the button against NOTA.

The Commission is taking steps to bring this to the knowledge of voters and all other stakeholders and to train all field level officials including the polling personnel about the NOTA option.

(12) Affidavits of candidates – all columns to be filled in :
In pursuance of the judgment dated 13th September, 2013 passed by the Supreme Court in Writ Petition (C) No. 121 of 2008, which among other things makes it obligatory for the Returning Officer “to check whether the information required is fully furnished at the time of filing of affidavit with the nomination paper”, the Commission has issued instructions that in the affidavit to be filed along with the nomination paper, candidates are required to fill up all columns. If any column in the affidavit is left blank, the Returning Officer will issue a notice to the candidate to file the affidavit with all columns filled in. After such notice, if a candidate fails to file affidavit complete in all respect, the nomination paper will be liable to be rejected at the time of scrutiny. The Chief Electoral Officer has been directed to brief all Returning Officers about the judgment of the Supreme Court and the Commission’s instructions. (13) Communication plan

The Commission attaches great importance to preparation and implementation of a perfect communication plan at the district/constituency level for the smooth conduct of elections and to enable concurrent intervention and mid course correction on the poll day. For the said purpose, the Commission has directed the Chief Electoral Officer of Bihar state to coordinate with the officers of Telecommunication Department in the State headquarters, BSNL/MTNL authorities, the representatives of other leading service providers in the State so that network status in the States is assessed and communication shadow areas be identified. The CEO has also been advised to ensure best communication plan in the State

(28) Schedules of Election :
The Commission has prepared the Schedules for holding General Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar after taking into consideration all relevant aspects, like the Climatic conditions, Academic Calendars, Festivals, prevailing law and order situation in the States, availability of Central Police Forces, time needed for movement, transportation and timely deployment of forces, and assessment of other ground realities.

The Commission after considering all relevant aspects has decided to recommend to the Governor of the State, to issue notifications for the General Elections to the Legislative Assembly of the state of Bihar under the relevant provisions of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. The Election Schedule for general election to the Legislative Assembly of Bihar is appended at Annexure ‘1’.

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