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Announcement : View Electoral Roll
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CEO Odisha View Electoral Roll

Kindly Follow the below steps to view the Electoral Roll

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How to Check?

Steps :
Step 1 : Go to the official website of CEO Odisha through the URL
Step 2 : Then click on the “View Electoral Roll” link under “For Voters”

Step 3 : Select Your District [04-Sambalpur]
Step 4 : Select Your Assembly Constituency [17-Sambalpur]
Step 5 : Select Your Booth [6-Post Office Colony – 1]
Step 6 : Type letter from the image
Step 7 : Click on “Ok” button.


(1). Who is eligible to exercise his / her franchise in India in the election to the House of the People (Lok Sabha) and to the Legislative Assembly (Bidhan Sabha) of every State ?
The election to the House of the People (Lok Sabha) and to the Legislative Assembly (Bidhan Sabha) of every State shall be on the basis of adult suffrage;

That is to say every person who is a citizen of India and who is not less than eighteen years of age and is not otherwise disqualified on the ground of non-residence, unsoundness of mind, crime or corrupt or illegal practices shall be entitled to be registered as a voter at any such election.

(2). What is an electoral roll ?
An electoral roll is a list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to cast their vote in an election. The electoral roll are prepared Assembly Constituency wise.

An electoral roll for any Assembly Constituency is sub-divided into parts corresponding with the polling booths. Normally one part will correspond one polling booth.

(3). What is Summary Revision of Electoral Roll ?
During Summary revision of electoral rolls which takes place every year, the existing electoral rolls are published at each polling booth locations to invite claims and objections for inclusion, deletion, correction and transposition.

After due enquiry all the claims and objections are decided and a supplementary electoral roll is prepared and published.

(4). What is continuous updation of Electoral Roll ?
Even after the final publication of electoral rolls the process of continuous updation of electoral rolls goes on and the citizens are free to file any application with the Electoral Registration Officer for addition, deletion, modification and transposition.

As per the law, your name can be registered upto the last date of filing of nominations by candidates that has been notified by the Election Commission for any general election or bye-election to an Assembly or Parliament.

(5). I am an Indian citizen, my name does not find place in the voter list. Can I vote ?
To exercise once franchise, the first and foremost requirement is that your name should be in the electoral roll.

Without your name registered in the relevant part for the area where you ordinarily reside in the Assembly Constituency you will not be allowed to exercise your franchise.

Therefore, one has to find out whether his name has been registered or not. If not registered one can apply in Form-6 for inclusion of name in the Electoral Roll.

(6). I have completed 18 years of age recently. How to register my name in the electoral roll ?
Revision of electoral rolls are done every year during a specified period when eligible persons are given an opportunity to register themselves by applying in Form-6 before the concerned Booth Level Officer (BLO) at Polling Station (Booth) location or in the office of the Electoral Registration Officer-cum-Sub-Collector/AERO.

During the non-revision period, a person can apply for inclusion of his name in the office of the concerned ERO-cum-Sub-Collector.

(7). I am an orphan, eligible for enrollment as an elector. While filling of Form-6 for inclusion of my name in the Electoral Roll, what should I write in the column meant for father’s / mother’s / husband’s name?
** Eligible orphan in orphanage can be enrolled by registering his/her orphanage name in place of his parents. Or

** Eligible orphan brought up by a family can be enrolled by entering name of head of family in place of his/her parents. Or
** Eligible orphan legally adopted by family can be enrolled by entering his adopted father/mother’s name. Or

** Any orphan not covered under above mentioned categories can be enrolled by entering “Not Known” and entering “Others” in the column of relation.

(8). I am a Sadhu (Saint) eligible to be an elector and have changed my worldly name. Can I enter my rechristened name with suffix of my Guru’s name instead of my father ?
Yes, you can enter your name in Form-6 for inclusion in electoral roll by writing your rechristened name and name of your Guru in the column related to Father/Mother/Husband and entering “Others” in the column of relations.

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